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Welcome. We are dedicated to promoting the innovation, impact, inspirational education and research at some of the the world's best business schools. We believe leading business schools share 10 distinctive key attributes, so if you choose to study your MBA, master's or business and management degree there, you can be confident of:

  1. Relevant programmes
  2. Effective teaching
  3. Impactful research
  4. A global education
  5. Engaging learning
  6. Outstanding facilities
  7. Connections with industry
  8. In-demand graduate skills
  9. Preparation for global careers
  10. Responsible business education

10 key attributes

Why does they matter to me?

Relevant programmes

Courses that stay current and up-to-date

A unique learning experience

What's special about the best business schools

Focused on professional practice

Connecting with industry to make a difference

Inspirational teachers

Triple accredited schools prioritise teaching effectiveness

Cutting-edge facilities

Industry-standard software, equipment & hands-on experience