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Writing, editing & proof reading of self-evaluation reports AACSB AMBA Athena SWAN EQUIS PRME

Let Kathryn finesse your report, so you can focus on the inspection visit

Preparing accreditation or re-accreditation applications is complex and time-consuming. Self-assessment audits and self-evaluation reports demand in-depth scrutiny of past, current and future strategies, activities and results. Requiring detailed evidence and input from multiple authors, tailoring content to meet criteria – with a strict word count – is a difficult task. 

As an experienced writer/editor and former university director of marketing, decades spent reporting and presenting strategic guidance to senior leadership teams has equipped Kathryn Jones with good judgment, an advanced analytic mind, methodical approach and excellent communications skills. Having prepared successful institutional/departmental submissions and progress reports for AACSB, AMBA, Athena SWAN, EQUIS and PRME, she can act as a 'critical friend', writing, editing and proof reading your applications, as well as providing impartial suggestions to improve content and identify gaps. In summary, Kathryn will:

  • Ensure consistency in formatting, tone of voice, spelling and grammar, phrasing;
  • Check names, title, captions and acronyms, creating and editing glossaries and appendices;
  • Reduce word counts without compromising content depth and quality;
  • Avoid too much repetition within overlapping criteria; and
  • Reference and scrutinise content against criteria and guidance notes.

Testimonials from the University of Exeter Business School

“Being part of the School on a daily basis, we sometimes become too close to spot all of the unique aspects of what we do that stand  out to others. That’s where we have benefited greatly from the impartial and objective eye that Kathryn provides; incorporating her knowledge of the sector to pull out our innovations, acting as a critical friend and using her marketing experience to make sure we promote our achievements effectively.” 

Professor Gabriele Vosseberg, Associate Dean International & Development

“Kathryn reviewed and edited our supporting reports, bringing a lot of positive energy into them and her attention to detail is outstanding. On many occasions she made useful suggestions aimed at showcasing exciting, innovative aspects of the MBA.” 

Professor Nicolas Forsans, Former MBA Director

"Kathryn exceeded our expectations. The compilation of an EQUIS SAR (self-assessment report) is a large undertaking that involves several, if not more, authors. Kathryn helped convey our story, despite the varying contributions/writing styles. She edited it in a way that did not detract from the content and met all deadlines ahead of schedule. The project was high pressured and Kathryn was flexible and positive. Although working remotely, we felt completely supported throughout."
Sarah Grant, Former Accreditation Manager

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