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The Honest Marketer Kathryn Jones key messaging, copywriting, positioning

Kathryn can help you engage, inspire & convert prospective students

Kathryn's background in journalism, PR and marketing has equipped her with the skills, knowledge and experience to transform information about your services and activities into meaningful, targeted key messaging, compelling marketing content and 'stories' which resonate with audiences, showcase distinctiveness and capitalise on competitive advantage.​​ 

She can work with you to instigate online, offline, face-to-face and social engagement strategies with all manner of external stakeholders and support the implementation of any tactical plans through content development. She has assisted Anglia Ruskin University (ARU), Cambridge Education Group ONCAMPUS, Coventry, De Montfort University, Wolverhampton and the University of East London (UEL) with content development and/or communications strategies to generate prospective students and improve conversion through CRM plans and copy content for prospectuses, website, advertising and social media. In summary, Kathryn will:

  • Write to a set brief and/or help you identify the best communications solutions to meet your needs;
  • Define your positioning and develop key messaging to evidence and support it;
  • Prepare communications and engagement strategies and plans;
  • Target different audiences & adapt tone of voice accordingly;
  • Follow and/or help you develop in-house style guides; 
  • Provide advice on ways to measure the success of your marketing communications.

Testimonials from previous clients

"Kathryn worked with us on an extensive content project across four academic faculties. To develop new course content from scratch, the project required detailed consultation with and ultimately buy-in from individual academic staff for every course. Given the scale of the University, this was no mean feat and Kathryn proved to be exemplary in her delivery, creating previously undiscovered exciting facts and points of differentiation. With the project now complete, I am confident that Kathryn’s excellent research and writing skills will not only differentiate us from others, but will give prospective students the information they require."

Andrew Cooney, Deputy Director, Marketing and External Affairs, Coventry University

"We appointed The Honest Marketer to support our offer holder conversion, to recommend new strategies to tap into offer holders needs and to increase the campaign appeal. The project also involved reviewing and extending key messages into a detailed message matrix that could be used across a variety of media. Kathryn’s extensive understanding of the sector and fresh approach gave us lots of ideas to incorporate into the campaign. Kathryn was able to generate engaging copy from a variety of sources in very quick timelines. We were impressed with the quality of both the copywriting and the strategic thinking that informed the recommendations."
Jacqui Bullock, Former Assistant Director, Corporate Marketing, International and Development, ARU

"In the time that she spent with us in developing our branding at the University of East London (UEL) Kathryn was instrumental in evolving the initial positioning and key messaging for our campaigns and developing this into copy for publications. She was also exceptional at providing a strong steer in making our recruitment campaign for the Offer Holder Day and Open Day successful."
Sameer Lakhani, Former Head of Marketing and UK Recruitment, UEL

"Kathryn’s work is of the highest standard. She worked quickly to our briefs, making sure she understood the dynamics of our partner relationships and worked effectively with both internal and external stakeholders. I would thoroughly recommend and look forwards to working with her  in the future."

Andrea Grassby, Former Marketing Director, ONCAMPUS, Cambridge Education Group

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