Research at the best business schools improves our world

Research with impact at triple crown triple accredited business schools AACSB, AMBA & EQUIS

Practical solutions making a real difference to people's lives

One thing the best business schools share in common is their commitment to research that makes a difference, adds value and delivers results for individuals, business, communities and the environment, no matter where in the world they may be. Their research tackles some of society's most challenging issues and you'll be taught by experts at the cutting-edge of their discipline.

Examples of research transforming our world at the best business schools

Improving the world

Much of the research in triple accredited business schools focuses on social and financial aspects of the economy, management and governance such as: green and sustainable technologies; leadership; entrepreneurship; social innovation; social marketing; new technology; data capture; and ethics and morality in society and the workplace. Triple crown institutions are some of the best business schools because they actively improve working conditions that affect millions of people. 

  • Ashridge Business School and Hult International Business School's collaborative Corporate Leaderships on Modern Slavery report explores corporate approaches to tackling 'modern slavery' in the supply chain and is being used by businesses and policymakers to address purchasing practices and improve working conditions. The International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates that at least 21 million men, women and children around the world are in some form of slavery. 
  • University of Bradford School of Management developed a new financial model for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to accelerate international trade for developing countries, which has been adopted by the G20 group of finance ministers and central bank governors. 
  • Alliance Manchester Business School teamed up with the Age, Health and Professional Drivers Network (AHPD) to publish Best Practice Guidelines for managers on mental health in the workplace. National statistics from the Campaign Against Living Miserably indicate that men account for three-quarters of suicides each year in the UK and 92% of professional HGV drivers are male.

Practical solutions & knowledge transfer

The impact of research is not just  felt at national and international levels: triple accredited business schools frequently use their knowledge to solve practical issues and problems at a local  and regional level. 

  • To improve Chiltern Railway' customer service, Aston Business School and Focus Games Ltd developed 'The rail disruption game' which allows staff to practise dealing with common rail disruption scenarios, working together as a team to resolve the problem. 
  • The Connected Communities Research Lab at Lancaster University School of Management is helping national parks urban spaces and national parks use new technology like the Internet of Things (IOT) and Big Data to protect the environment and improve visitor experiences. For example, real-time information from wireless monitors indicates the condition of footpaths and sensors notify park rangers when bins are full.

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