Best business schools develop relevant graduate skills

Graduate skills & attributes developed by triple accredited business schools AACSB AMBA EQUIS

Developing graduate attributes, knowledge, hard & soft skills

When you study at one of the world's best business schools, you can be confident that their programmes have been designed to develop the meaningful skills and knowledge that will set you up for life. 

Examples of the skills developed by the best business schools

Many business schools now explicitly list the characteristics, skills and attributes you can expect to graduate with. Whether you choose further study, employment or set up your own business, these fundamental skills will help you thrive and portray a positive, professional image. The best business schools also run a wide range of extra-curricular activities, some aimed at enhancing general skills, such as communications and team work.

  • The University of Bradford's graduate attributes ensure students go on to be confident and capable in their life beyond university, focusing on: employability and professionalism; academic development and critical thinking; and inclusivity.
  • The University of Exeter's graduate attributes develop students as a: critical thinker and problem solver; creative and enterprising team player; leader able to effect change; confident and adaptable individual; and active global citizen.
  • The University Glasgow's free Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) accredited Professional Skills Programme (PSP) simulates a typical week in the office. The Graduate Skills Programme (GSP) helps students reflect on the academic abilities, personal qualities and transferrable skills they have gained and how to effectively communicate these skills to employers. 

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